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Mortgage insurance is an insurance that helps protect the mortgage provider in case the borrower does not repay the amount on time or dies unexpectedly before meeting the contractual obligations of the mortgage. The mortgage insurance can help pay off the lender or his heirs, depending on the terms of the insurance. You can rely on us to offer reliable and affordable mortgage insurance solutions. For more information, get in touch with us now. Our team will be happy to help.

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Protecting the lender

Our mortgage insurance is an insurance that is designed to protect the lender. This insurance will help the lender in case the mortgage borrower is unable to pay the loan. Investing in this insurance will also help the lending companies to offer better interest rates for the homebuyers.

Please note that the mortgage insurance premiums are based on the amount of the mortgage, they are added to the mortgage amount and paid over term of the mortgage. Contact us now for more details.


Why invest in a mortgage insurance?

  • A mortgage insurance helps protect the lender

  • It enables the lender to offer better interest rate to the borrowers as this insurance provides financial protection in case the borrower fails to repay.

  • Mortgage insurance can be transferred, in case the mortgage lender passes away.

  • It helps the lender expanded his pool of buyers with lower cash requirements

  • It may protect buyers in case of job loss

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    Helping you find your dream home

    Our team understands that buying a home is everyone’s dream, however rising home prices, taxes and expenses can make saving for the down payment challenging. Mortgage insurance offers you affordable solutions to purchase a home with a lower down payment. It enables borrowers buy a home with as little as a five per cent down payment.

    If you are looking for mortgage insurance solutions, look no further and get in touch with our qualified insurance agents now.