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Why Should I Opt For Critical Illness Insurance?

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blog image December 14, 2021

Why Should I Opt For Critical Illness Insurance?

Health challenges are not something we like to think about and certainly not plan for. However, critical illnesses are a reality for many people. It is much better to prepare for such an event so that if it happens, you can focus on your health and not worry about how you will pay your bills.

Even if you have health insurance, you will still want to consider a critical illness policy. With the amazing technology available to us today, survival rates have greatly improved for people dealing with cancer, stroke or heart disease. However, during the recovery period, there can be significant costs associated with rehabilitation – costs not covered by standard health insurance.

Ease The Financial Burden

This can put a financial strain on your family. Don’t get caught in a financial crisis when battling a major health issue. Critical illness insurance helps ease the economic burden of expensive treatments, travel associated with appointments and time off work for recovery.

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You Decide

If you are affected by one of the conditions listed on your policy, simply submit the required paperwork and you will receive a one-time lump sum payment. This money will not be reimbursed to a doctor or hospital but will be sent directly to you. It can be used for transportation, childcare, household expenses or whatever you decide.

It’s important to note that a critical illness insurance claim does not impact other benefits such as medical, accidental injury or hospital care. There are no deductibles or co-pays and the money is tax-free.

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Some ways people benefit from critical illness insurance:

  • Replace income while you recover or for a spouse to take time off to care for you
  • Covers extras like childcare, homecare or additional help
  • Reduce debt while you focus on recovery
  • Travel costs for appointments (fuel, parking, etc.)
  • Choose new treatment options not covered by insurance

Critical illness insurance allows you to make choices about your treatment and what supports you can put in place to help with your recovery.

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Three Steps to Critical Illness Insurance

  1. Set up an appointment to speak with me. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing critical illness insurance and it is best to review the policy and decision with a professional that understands all of the nuances. I can help you select the right coverage that best suits your needs and protects your family.
  2. Take some time to prepare for our meeting. Consider how this protection would help you in your time of need. Gather some essential information about your income, assets and liability.
  3. Apply for the coverage. We will complete the paperwork and submit your application for approval. Your age and type of coverage may require you to complete a medical questionnaire or provide additional medical information.

The time to plan for a life changing illness is when you’re healthy. Otherwise, your options will be very limited. If you feel critical illness insurance is right for you, please reach out with any questions you may have. I’ll be happy to review your situation and our policies.

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